I Know Change Gon’ Come

change edit

It’s time. My favorite book in the Bible, James, admonishes me not to look into the mirror of the Word and then immediately walk away and forget who I am. Every time I get embarrassed about my messy house, cause an argument with my brash attitude, or stress myself out with an over-committed schedule, I think that something needs to change. I am tired of waiting for that change. I am ready to see it happen in me. I’m starting with the beam in my eye in hopes that others will be inspired to get the specks out of theirs as well.

However, this is not another self-help, dig-in-and-make-it-happen kind of blog. As a Jesus-girl, I realize I can’t make any of it happen. I have tried too many times and too hard and yet failed. Instead, I want to document the journey of me giving up the reins for the next year. I am going to take on one challenge at a time: maintaining a clean house, not just frantically cleaning it up for company. Establishing a budget that will lead to greater giving. Focusing on the events that lead to the greater goals of my life. Dealing with others using as much grace as I’ve been given.

I invite you to pull up a cozy computer-side chair and watch my foibles as I fall into the arms of Jesus and release myself from the exhausting journey of independence.


5 thoughts on “I Know Change Gon’ Come

  1. Ann Thornton says:

    I need help in all of the areas you have addressed. Looking forward to learning and sharing through your blog this next year. Love you friend!


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