Help for the Pinterest Addict

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A few years ago, my husband posted on Facebook that he had lost his wife to Pinterest.  Other men quickly concurred in the comments section.  I LOOOOOOVE crafts.  I always say to my mom, “I saw this thing on Pinterest.  Let’s do it.  It’s so easy!”  Can I get a witness that it’s never that easy?  And that it never looks like the picture?  My mom and I have a jingle for our failed projects.  We pretend we’re on a craft show (that no one would actually watch except to laugh!), and we’re singing, “Crappy Crafts with Suzy and Sally.”

I say all that to say this–Pinterest is addictive!  If you’ve never been on it, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.  Really.  It’s an online bulletin board of every craft, recipe, tip, or idea you’d ever want to tackle.  All by people who seem to have it together:)  I “pin” away day after day, but the deal is, I never do most of the projects I’ve deemed pin-worthy.  While off on Christmas break, I decided that I needed a system to deal with all my pins.  I must have chosen them because I wanted to do them, right?  And so I should do them, right?

Here’s my system.  Go ahead and open Pinterest in a new tab on your browser so you can do this now.  I’ll wait…

You ready?  Here we go!

Number One:  Create a new board.  Call it “Make Over Break” or “Make This Week” or whatever fits your timeline.  I’ve found that goals are attainable only if they’re tied to a specific time.  “I’ll get to that sometime” is a thought that is debilitating to me.  I would also consider your budget now; those make-your-own-wood-floor posts look great and all, but I don’t even have the money (or inclination) for cheap wood right now.  So you have your board ready to go, right?

blog pin

Number Two:  I don’t know about you, but I really like a sense of accomplishment.  Make another new board, and name it something like, “Made It on Pinterest.”  We are going to use this board to pin the things that Pinterest has actually helped you complete.

blog pinterest tips 6

Number Three:  Go through each board you have and look at every pin.  As you look, you will repin to the two new boards you’ve made.  Decide which of your pins can be accomplished with the budget and time framework you established for the “Make Over Break” board. As you look, repin just those pins to the first board.  If there’s something you’ve already done, pin it to the second board.  I found that I had done sixty-two things!

Tip!  Your phone doesn’t always show all your pins, so this step is best done on a tablet or computer.

Tip for a tablet!  Fast fingers!  Rather than clicking through to the pin and repinning from there, slide up to see the pushpin symbol for quicker repinning.  You may do the same on a computer using the PIN IT quick button.

blog pinterest tips 4

Number Four:  Start to accomplish the tasks on your first board.  Then, if you have the urge, you can repin those tasks to the second board. (I know I’m not the only one who sometimes adds items to a to-do list after they’re done just so I can cross them off.)  Make sure to take great pictures of all the projects, especially the failed ones.  Share them with me–then I won’t feel so bad about myself, and Mom and I might let you on our show once it hits the big-time.

I had to share this Pinterest fail, and I will apologize to McKenzie later.  I have no idea what it was supposed to be, but not this–thing.

blog pinterest tips 3

I want to end by connecting you back to this blog’s purpose. I am allowing Jesus to help me with everything.  Everything I spend my time on and everything I struggle with.  If you went through the steps above and realized that you are not using Pinterest to accomplish any goals, stop using it.  It is a waste of your time.  However, if you find that you are like me and have used it to bless yourself and those around you, maybe the system I shared will be one you can use to make that area of your life more productive.

Please comment below to let me know how the system works for you and YOU MUST share pinterest fails:)

This blog is all about depending on Jesus for everything.  If you missed the why behind my organization, read this post.

Be blessed!



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