Truth Tuesday #16: It’s Not All About You

  • No, really…it’s not.
  • Me time? Not necessarily.
  • Focusing on others will really help you.
  • Friendships that focus on others are the best ones.

As a child, I must have really thought it was all about me.  After all, the evidence has been captured on film.  In one picture, I’m dressed as a princess and carrying a majorette’s baton.  In a video, I jump in front of my brother, who is already talking to the camera, to tell a story about a game I played at school.  I already wrote one post for Beulah Girl about when it’s okay to be the center of attention, but the attention green light is not on all the time.  Despite the shirts with the message, “It’s all about me,” the churches that market toward the interests of people, and the trend toward “me time” that’s all the rage now, it really is not about me.  Or you.  It’s about God.  He created us to glorify Him.

With our study of the Bible, we have to make sure that it’s all about God there too.  For the last several months, I’ve subscribed to a daily devotional app, First 5, and the current study is Leviticus.  When I saw the book choice, I thought to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”  You see, I’ve done several read-through-the-Bible challenges before, and Leviticus is never a book that I feel like applies to me.  It’s about laws, and it’s bloody and gutsy, as in literal guts.  But as with anything else in this culture, we have to resist the urge to make it all about us.  We can’t just read, listen to, embrace, or do what makes us happy all the time.  It’s not about us.


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