Truth Tuesday #18: What We Pray Versus What We Want

In my tenure as a committed Christian, which goes all the way back to age thirteen, I’ve prayed some crazy prayers. I’ve prayed prayers where I promised things I never truly thought about following through on and others where I’m completely thankful God didn’t answer. I’ve often let words tumble out of my mouth to Almighty God in the same way they would to a friend, and I’ve taken them just that lightly. I’ve prayed out of routine, false motives, emotion, or even a desire for revenge.

In the video below, which is embedded from the Facebook Live session I do every Tuesday at 8PM EST, I share three types of misguided prayers many of us have prayed:

  1. conditional prayers
  2. emotional or dangerous prayers
  3. selfish and worldly prayers

I also share some advice from God’s word on making sure we pray the kind of prayers God will answer instead of just being flippant with our prayer lives.

Click PLAY to have a listen, and if you are blessed by what I share, I hope you’ll follow this blog and like my Facebook page so you don’t miss any more encouragement!

Have any thoughts on your prayer life you’d like to share? Any other tips for making sure our prayers aren’t misguided? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Be blessed,

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